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excuses, excuses September 30, 2006

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I feel bad. I did not post in more than a month, and there are only two posts here yet. Now why is that? I don’t know really, I felt excited about having started a blog and I wanted to post at least two times a week. And nothing came of it.

But not more excuses, I will be better in the future. I made a list of things to post about and I will add to it continually, so I will never be out of ideas. The two posts a week will be here from now.

So if I have not been blogging, what have I been doing then? Apart from just working and studying, I have enrolled at an art class. I will go to fifteen lessons, and I hope to learn a lot from it. The group is nice, all students from the university. It is a class in drawing and painting, and we will try all kinds of media and techniques. Maybe I will find some new medium I want to learn more about.

I also am going to the gym again, after doing nothing for too long. I really like it there, and I am feeling better already after only a few weeks. I want to keep it up.

I have also bough a couple of new art materials. First a set of coloured pencils, and two drawing pens. The pencils are Van Gogh watercolour pencils, so let’s hope I will become just as good as he was. The pens are a pigma micron and a pitt artis pen, both black. Really nice to draw with, and I also love to write with them. And last but not least, a small sketchbook. It is purple with an elastic around it and cream-coloured paper inside. I did not know when I bought it, but it turned out to be a moleskine. I plan to uses this outside, and maybe I will even try to work my way through the EDM challenges list. Wouldn’t it be cool to have all the past challenges done? I will see how it goes, it is a nice idea.

Now I have to get back to work. Will be back soon.