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experiment November 11, 2006

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Today I did a little experiment in my new sketchbook. I did a small piece of a plant I have in the livingroom.

As you can see, I did it four times, each time with a different medium. The first is graphite stick, the second is in pen. The third in coloured pencil and the last in watercolour pencil. I liked this piece, because of the flowers which you can already see coming.

The quality of the scan is really bad, I really need to learn how to make better scans.


EDM-apple November 4, 2006

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I am having so much fun with my coloured pencil set. I just had to do this challenge when I saw these apples in the kitchen. The colours are so bright, much brighter than I could get them on the page.


This time I drew without making an outline first. Most of the times, I make an outline with ordinary pencel, and then apply colour to it. But it seemed more natural here to start in the middle of the apple and go on from there. A bit weird, but it went quite well. No ugly grey lines at least.