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experiment November 11, 2006

Filed under: Drawings — paulien @ 4:48 pm

Today I did a little experiment in my new sketchbook. I did a small piece of a plant I have in the livingroom.

As you can see, I did it four times, each time with a different medium. The first is graphite stick, the second is in pen. The third in coloured pencil and the last in watercolour pencil. I liked this piece, because of the flowers which you can already see coming.

The quality of the scan is really bad, I really need to learn how to make better scans.


2 Responses to “experiment”

  1. suzanne Says:

    I always like to see different iterations of the same object. Very nice! I believe this is what my mom calls a Christmas cactus. Does it bloom in December?

  2. Nel Says:

    Yup, looks like a Christmas cactus to me, and oh, aren’t they wonderful in bloom? I really like the blog too, nice clean look to it. Wonderful little drawings here, good for you. Keep it up!

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