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art plan of sorts December 31, 2006

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I got inspired by some people on the EDM-list to make a little plan for the new year 2007. The year is almost here, less than seven hours to go, so it isĀ about time to post it here.

My first and most important goal will be to draw something every day. I hope to provide enough practice for myself in this way, and to improve my skills. I will take a small sketchbook with me all day long, and try to really use it.

For the first month this will be enough. After that, I may decide on a theme or medium for a month. Some ideas are trying watercolours, drawing outside or drawing portraits. I have not decided on it yet.

I also want to take a drawing and/or painting class. I have done one this year, and it was really nice. I just have to see if I can manage it financially, but I am going to try. (hint for birthday present?)

And last, I want to work through some books on drawing. I am about halfway through Drawing on the right side of the brain, and I have discovered I like doing exercise-like things, they keep me going. And I learn something of course. Suggestions for books are very welcome.

Last but not least, a non-drawing related goal. I want to finish my second master thesis (first is done!) , and find a job.

Well, that should do it for this year. Better get working! Have a nice evening today.