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a glass of water January 4, 2007

Filed under: Drawings — paulien @ 9:36 am

I just started my new sketchbook yesterday. In my last book I only used pen, but in this drawing I used pencil. I seem to like pencil much more. When I was only allowing myself to draw in pen, I had every excuse not to do it, but I love drawing in pencil and I don’t  try to make excuses any more. Well, it has only been three days so far so I will have to see if this effect lasts.


This is a drawing of a glass of water. It was really hard to draw this. I saw all those reflections of the small lightbulbs we have in our lamp above the table, and the edges of the glass. And to make it worse, the water seems to distort everything so all edges seem “broken”. Next time, I will take a round glass and draw in daylight.


One Response to “a glass of water”

  1. Michael Says:

    These all look good. The thing i respect most is that you are willing to tackle the most difficult subjects, like snow and water in a glass. Even better, you can actually see the colors with your eyes! I cannot do that yet. I am still at the stage trying to see the difference between red and orange.

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