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sky above Amsterdam January 18, 2007

Filed under: Drawings,EDM — paulien @ 2:26 pm

This is a quick drawing of the sky above Amsterdam yesterday morning. It looked weird, with diagonal shapes of clouds and one opening whith a bit of sunshine. You coloud see three “sunbeams” coming through the opening.


I saw this view from the twelfth floor of our university. I was sitting next to the window. Below you could just see the line of buildings and trees in the distance, but no individual builidngs.

What a difference with today, we have had only rain and storm for more than a week. I still hope to get my landscape challenge done, but I wait till the rain has stopped. Now I have at least the cloud challenge done.


3 Responses to “sky above Amsterdam”

  1. Michael Emerald Says:

    Ja. Dit is goed. Suggestion is to post future drawings as, e.g., “EDM Cloud Challenge”. Many, like me, use very broad definitions for what meets a challenge. I like very much your amorphously drawn, delicate, clouds. I want to learn from it, since I have a hard time with this. And, Is it possible to post future ones MUCH larger? Dank je.

  2. Nel Says:

    Hi Paulien: Sure, that counts, and Michael’s right, though I noticed that by clicking the drawing, it gets huge. Maybe you could post it just a little bigger, though, for us old fogies in the bunch. Good job. I like the one with the bananas too. Tot ziens!

  3. LP Says:

    Great site. Looks good the way it is.


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