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Accidents happen March 17, 2007

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No drawings this time. I want to share a story today. It is something that I saw happening while on my way to the university one beautiful morning.

I was on the bus, and had just finished my book. I was looking out of the window, but not really paying attention to what I was seeing, while the bus stood waiting for a traffic light. Then something weird caught my eye.

A girl, or woman, was getting on her bike in the middle of the road. There is a special lane for people on bicycles, but for some reason she was at the lane for cars.  While she was getting on her bike, the light for cars around the corner went green, and a van started driving.

He went around the corner, on the lane where the woman was. He didn’t see her. He hit her.

He hit his brakes immediately after he noticed here, but it was to late. I, and some other people on the bus, saw her trying to get away from the van to the side. She couldn’t, and fell down. The front wheels of the van went over her and her bike, before to van came to a halt. She lay under the van, moved her foot a bit, and then nothing.

Someone next to me started calling the alarm service. The driver of the van got out and went to look, he was as white as a sheet. At this moment the light for the bus went green, and we drove away.

My stop was next, and I after a few minutes talking to a friend I walked back to the place of the accident. I told the police all I had seen. They wanted to know what had happened, both for the family of the girl an for the driver. If he was doing something wrong, he could be prosecuted. I don’t think he was guilty at all, he was driving where he was supposed to drive, went very slowly and his light was green.

After I had told the policeman everything, I asked if he knew anything about the girl. She had died shortly after she arrived at the hospital. I didn’t know her, but I guess she was about my age.

I have been thinking a lot about it, and I don’t think I  will ever forget what I saw.  I wish the family all the best, and the driver. It must be horrible for him.

Why do I want to share this? After the first few days of being sad about it, I started to try to think differently. It is horrible, but sitting at home being sad is not going to help anybody. What I learned from this is that life is too good to be wasted like that. The girl in the accident could have been me, but it wasn’t. I am alive, and I should be grateful. This thought I want to share with anyone I know.