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swan April 21, 2007

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I made this drawing today, of a glass swan we bought in Venice some years ago.


It was fun to do, but also hard. All these shades of blue were difficult to make, and some parts were just colourless glass.

But the swan itself is a beautiful thing to have in the house.


Larger pencil drawing April 14, 2007

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Long time no see. I had some time off drawing since my last post. I am not thinking about the accident often, but I did not feel like doing any drawing. Now I do.

Here is a picture of a larger drawing I did, on my easel. The easel was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, great gift!


I love doing larger work, besides drawing in sketchbooks. It takes longer, but you can be much more loose. This one is A3 in size, but in the art class I took we did A2 and still larger. The easel I have can hold this, so maybe I will try that one day. But for now, this is a nice change.