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Larger pencil drawing April 14, 2007

Filed under: Drawings — paulien @ 2:45 pm

Long time no see. I had some time off drawing since my last post. I am not thinking about the accident often, but I did not feel like doing any drawing. Now I do.

Here is a picture of a larger drawing I did, on my easel. The easel was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, great gift!


I love doing larger work, besides drawing in sketchbooks. It takes longer, but you can be much more loose. This one is A3 in size, but in the art class I took we did A2 and still larger. The easel I have can hold this, so maybe I will try that one day. But for now, this is a nice change.


7 Responses to “Larger pencil drawing”

  1. Casey Says:

    The face on this is very well done Paulien. Nice work.

  2. susan hosken Says:

    This is a fabulous drawing. So great to see you drawing again and doing your blog.
    Lots of love from Susan in Australia

  3. Sherie Says:

    This is really wonderful. It gives a feeling of deepness of thought and solitude. Glad to see you’re drawing again.

  4. laserone Says:

    This is really neat! What an awesome drawing. 🙂

  5. Michael Emerald Says:

    Hi. It looks good. What is this a drawing of? If it’s something you thought of, it is remarkably creative. there’s a lot to like about this: the variation in line weight, the shading, the perspective are all good.

  6. Serena Says:

    This is looking great!

  7. This picture is very very good. I think the people who thing very very deeply for the life or for the god and i think that he can talk to god abut his sorrow and happness this is nice.

    Mukesh Kumr SIngh

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