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EDM 69 and 105 May 8, 2007

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These are some of my daily drawings from the Every Day in May challenge. I will not post them all, but I will definitely make a picture of my larger drawing when it is done. I will keep working on it.


These are also two EDM-challenges, a drink and a pair of scissors (numbers 69 and 105). I still haven’t found a good way to prepare pencil drawings for the blog, changing the contrast and clarity doesn’t help to make them look better.


Where did the fun go? May 7, 2007

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The last drawing I posted here was made on a Saturday afternoon. I had done all the chores I had to do, so I figured I should draw. And it really felt like a should, not a want to.

I simply wasn’t fun to do, because I didn’t feel like drawing. I had not drawn anything for a few days, and I felt like I had tot do something. And I wanted it quick and good. I don’t like the drawing because of these reasons. Maybe it doesn’t look that bad, but it has negative feelings attached to it.

What to do now? I need to bring the fun back into drawing.

That is why I joined the Every Day in May Challenge.  I will do something each day, a small drawing in a sketchbook, or a little work on a larger drawing. I hope that with these small steps I will make drawing fun again. And if not, I will quit after a month.