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Where did the fun go? May 7, 2007

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The last drawing I posted here was made on a Saturday afternoon. I had done all the chores I had to do, so I figured I should draw. And it really felt like a should, not a want to.

I simply wasn’t fun to do, because I didn’t feel like drawing. I had not drawn anything for a few days, and I felt like I had tot do something. And I wanted it quick and good. I don’t like the drawing because of these reasons. Maybe it doesn’t look that bad, but it has negative feelings attached to it.

What to do now? I need to bring the fun back into drawing.

That is why I joined the Every Day in May Challenge.  I will do something each day, a small drawing in a sketchbook, or a little work on a larger drawing. I hope that with these small steps I will make drawing fun again. And if not, I will quit after a month.


One Response to “Where did the fun go?”

  1. Bonny Says:

    Paulien, I sincerely hope you don’t quit after a month. Truly, I don’t draw nearly as much as I should either. It could be because there are other situations in your life hat require your attention – even sub-consciously. That really can stop the sponteneity of drawing. There might be a lot of tension at work or in your life that needs to be resloved.

    And then, it’s also summer time. People tend to be together more with their families or out in their gardens and generally participating in life more than in the cooler months. Don’t feel guilty for not drawing – and that’s hard, I know. Instead, take this time to nourish your art in other ways. Read a good art technique book on a subject or about a medium you’ve wanted to try. It’s a way of preparing yourself with necessary knowledge for when you DO want to draw again.

    I sometimes sign up for an art course in some medium I haven’t tried before. Just 2 weekends ago I signed up for a figure drawing class even though I knew I wasn’t ready to do it justice. At first I was nervous but I really believe I learned a lot. My drawings are horrible (just visit my Blog to see what I mean!) but it really was fun – challenging, but fun! Try reading a novel about your favourite artist. Look at art books featuring works of art by famous and not so famous artists – or Blogger friends. Very often you’ll find something that makes you say: “I could do that.”

    Art isn’t simply about DOING drawing or painting. It’s finding out more and about finding inspiration. No one said it would be easy, but it doesn’t have to hard eihter. Just have fun!

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