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EDM 69 and 105 May 8, 2007

Filed under: Drawings,EDM — paulien @ 3:48 pm

These are some of my daily drawings from the Every Day in May challenge. I will not post them all, but I will definitely make a picture of my larger drawing when it is done. I will keep working on it.


These are also two EDM-challenges, a drink and a pair of scissors (numbers 69 and 105). I still haven’t found a good way to prepare pencil drawings for the blog, changing the contrast and clarity doesn’t help to make them look better.


One Response to “EDM 69 and 105”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Those are nice pencil drawings!

    Mine don’t scan as well as I would wish, but I scan them at 300dpi, then change the image to 72dpi for the web. Adjustments can either be made at the 300dpi resolution or the 72dpi. I don’t make adjustments for my blog so they come out a bit soft. I’m lazy, and the world should feel honored that I even bother to post my sketches. *lol*

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