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flower August 18, 2007

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I did this drawing of a flower today. I noticed that the different shades of pink are kind of hard to render in pencil. There are so many and they go over in each other so smoothly. But still it was very fun to do and I am happy with how it turned out. Next time I may have to try a paper with a bit more texture, this one was a bit too smooth.


I believe that flower has been an edm-challenge somewhere. I need to look up the number.

Sorry for the left edge, this is the side of the page in my book and it shows darker on the scan.


starting over August 7, 2007

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This is definitely the longest dry spell I have had since I started drawing. I have been too busy finishing my master’s thesis and my last paper, and looking for jobs. I have now finished my thesis and am halfway done with my paper. And the best news of all is that I have got the job I wanted the most. I will be starting my PhD in september, on mathematics in healthcare (where I live a PhD-position is a paid job)!

This is my dream job, and I consider myself lucky to have got it, especially since there were quite a few people applying. I hope to make some contribution to healthcare, which I have always wanted to do. When I went to university I initially wanted to be a surgeon. My grades were good enough, but my eyesight was not. Then I kind of randomly picked mathematics, and later added classical languages, and now I am glad that my eyesight wasn’t good enough. I think I like this better.

Since I will only be starting in four weeks, and my paper will not take up all the time till then, I have decided to start drawing and blogging again. I am celebrating this with picking a new theme, and starting to work my way through a new book. This book is Keys to drawing with the imagination by Bert Dodson. I have done two exercises already, and  I will post some pictures of it soon. With this book I hope to get myself going again, hopefully enough to keep it up once I start working. I will be back soon, promise.