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flower August 18, 2007

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I did this drawing of a flower today. I noticed that the different shades of pink are kind of hard to render in pencil. There are so many and they go over in each other so smoothly. But still it was very fun to do and I am happy with how it turned out. Next time I may have to try a paper with a bit more texture, this one was a bit too smooth.


I believe that flower has been an edm-challenge somewhere. I need to look up the number.

Sorry for the left edge, this is the side of the page in my book and it shows darker on the scan.


EDM 69 and 105 May 8, 2007

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These are some of my daily drawings from the Every Day in May challenge. I will not post them all, but I will definitely make a picture of my larger drawing when it is done. I will keep working on it.


These are also two EDM-challenges, a drink and a pair of scissors (numbers 69 and 105). I still haven’t found a good way to prepare pencil drawings for the blog, changing the contrast and clarity doesn’t help to make them look better.


a power plug January 20, 2007

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Wow, this may be the first time I did a challenge on time. But here it is, a power plug.


I just wonder why I had to choose one with a shiny surface, with all the reflections, and with a transparent plug in it.  Well, it is supposes to be a challenge, and it really was.


sky above Amsterdam January 18, 2007

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This is a quick drawing of the sky above Amsterdam yesterday morning. It looked weird, with diagonal shapes of clouds and one opening whith a bit of sunshine. You coloud see three “sunbeams” coming through the opening.


I saw this view from the twelfth floor of our university. I was sitting next to the window. Below you could just see the line of buildings and trees in the distance, but no individual builidngs.

What a difference with today, we have had only rain and storm for more than a week. I still hope to get my landscape challenge done, but I wait till the rain has stopped. Now I have at least the cloud challenge done.


EDM-apple November 4, 2006

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I am having so much fun with my coloured pencil set. I just had to do this challenge when I saw these apples in the kitchen. The colours are so bright, much brighter than I could get them on the page.


This time I drew without making an outline first. Most of the times, I make an outline with ordinary pencel, and then apply colour to it. But it seemed more natural here to start in the middle of the apple and go on from there. A bit weird, but it went quite well. No ugly grey lines at least.


EDM4 October 29, 2006

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I made this drawing today. I found it was high time to do a challenge again, this is number four. Hope to do some more this week.


I can’t get the dimensions of the picture right, wil try again tomorrow. For now, I have had enough of it.


A souvenir August 5, 2006

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I thought it would be nice to try one of the challenges. And why not take the current challenge, draw a souvenir. So here is my souvenir.

souvenir005.jpgThis is a plastic bowl wtih blue fluid in it, and two plastic seals. I bought this last month in Belgium, at a sea-life center. There they gave all kinds of information about animals and plants in the seas, and you could see some of them. The money from the tickets and souvenirs you buy goes to helping animals in need. For example, they pick up lost young seals and take care for them untill they can go back to sea.