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starting over August 7, 2007

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This is definitely the longest dry spell I have had since I started drawing. I have been too busy finishing my master’s thesis and my last paper, and looking for jobs. I have now finished my thesis and am halfway done with my paper. And the best news of all is that I have got the job I wanted the most. I will be starting my PhD in september, on mathematics in healthcare (where I live a PhD-position is a paid job)!

This is my dream job, and I consider myself lucky to have got it, especially since there were quite a few people applying. I hope to make some contribution to healthcare, which I have always wanted to do. When I went to university I initially wanted to be a surgeon. My grades were good enough, but my eyesight was not. Then I kind of randomly picked mathematics, and later added classical languages, and now I am glad that my eyesight wasn’t good enough. I think I like this better.

Since I will only be starting in four weeks, and my paper will not take up all the time till then, I have decided to start drawing and blogging again. I am celebrating this with picking a new theme, and starting to work my way through a new book. This book is Keys to drawing with the imagination by Bert Dodson. I have done two exercises already, and  I will post some pictures of it soon. With this book I hope to get myself going again, hopefully enough to keep it up once I start working. I will be back soon, promise.