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Where did the fun go? May 7, 2007

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The last drawing I posted here was made on a Saturday afternoon. I had done all the chores I had to do, so I figured I should draw. And it really felt like a should, not a want to.

I simply wasn’t fun to do, because I didn’t feel like drawing. I had not drawn anything for a few days, and I felt like I had tot do something. And I wanted it quick and good. I don’t like the drawing because of these reasons. Maybe it doesn’t look that bad, but it has negative feelings attached to it.

What to do now? I need to bring the fun back into drawing.

That is why I joined the Every Day in May Challenge.  I will do something each day, a small drawing in a sketchbook, or a little work on a larger drawing. I hope that with these small steps I will make drawing fun again. And if not, I will quit after a month.


Accidents happen March 17, 2007

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No drawings this time. I want to share a story today. It is something that I saw happening while on my way to the university one beautiful morning.

I was on the bus, and had just finished my book. I was looking out of the window, but not really paying attention to what I was seeing, while the bus stood waiting for a traffic light. Then something weird caught my eye.

A girl, or woman, was getting on her bike in the middle of the road. There is a special lane for people on bicycles, but for some reason she was at the lane for cars.  While she was getting on her bike, the light for cars around the corner went green, and a van started driving.

He went around the corner, on the lane where the woman was. He didn’t see her. He hit her.

He hit his brakes immediately after he noticed here, but it was to late. I, and some other people on the bus, saw her trying to get away from the van to the side. She couldn’t, and fell down. The front wheels of the van went over her and her bike, before to van came to a halt. She lay under the van, moved her foot a bit, and then nothing.

Someone next to me started calling the alarm service. The driver of the van got out and went to look, he was as white as a sheet. At this moment the light for the bus went green, and we drove away.

My stop was next, and I after a few minutes talking to a friend I walked back to the place of the accident. I told the police all I had seen. They wanted to know what had happened, both for the family of the girl an for the driver. If he was doing something wrong, he could be prosecuted. I don’t think he was guilty at all, he was driving where he was supposed to drive, went very slowly and his light was green.

After I had told the policeman everything, I asked if he knew anything about the girl. She had died shortly after she arrived at the hospital. I didn’t know her, but I guess she was about my age.

I have been thinking a lot about it, and I don’t think I  will ever forget what I saw.  I wish the family all the best, and the driver. It must be horrible for him.

Why do I want to share this? After the first few days of being sad about it, I started to try to think differently. It is horrible, but sitting at home being sad is not going to help anybody. What I learned from this is that life is too good to be wasted like that. The girl in the accident could have been me, but it wasn’t. I am alive, and I should be grateful. This thought I want to share with anyone I know.


my first self-made book January 14, 2007

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A few days ago I found some instructions for making your own book here. I decided to try it, just for fun. And why not show the results here?

I used different kinds and colours of paper for the inside. It is about 11 by 16 cm.

I don’t think it that bad for a fist, and I loved doing it. The instructions are pretty simple, and I am sure I will be making more books in the future.


art plan of sorts December 31, 2006

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I got inspired by some people on the EDM-list to make a little plan for the new year 2007. The year is almost here, less than seven hours to go, so it is about time to post it here.

My first and most important goal will be to draw something every day. I hope to provide enough practice for myself in this way, and to improve my skills. I will take a small sketchbook with me all day long, and try to really use it.

For the first month this will be enough. After that, I may decide on a theme or medium for a month. Some ideas are trying watercolours, drawing outside or drawing portraits. I have not decided on it yet.

I also want to take a drawing and/or painting class. I have done one this year, and it was really nice. I just have to see if I can manage it financially, but I am going to try. (hint for birthday present?)

And last, I want to work through some books on drawing. I am about halfway through Drawing on the right side of the brain, and I have discovered I like doing exercise-like things, they keep me going. And I learn something of course. Suggestions for books are very welcome.

Last but not least, a non-drawing related goal. I want to finish my second master thesis (first is done!) , and find a job.

Well, that should do it for this year. Better get working! Have a nice evening today.


excuses, excuses September 30, 2006

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I feel bad. I did not post in more than a month, and there are only two posts here yet. Now why is that? I don’t know really, I felt excited about having started a blog and I wanted to post at least two times a week. And nothing came of it.

But not more excuses, I will be better in the future. I made a list of things to post about and I will add to it continually, so I will never be out of ideas. The two posts a week will be here from now.

So if I have not been blogging, what have I been doing then? Apart from just working and studying, I have enrolled at an art class. I will go to fifteen lessons, and I hope to learn a lot from it. The group is nice, all students from the university. It is a class in drawing and painting, and we will try all kinds of media and techniques. Maybe I will find some new medium I want to learn more about.

I also am going to the gym again, after doing nothing for too long. I really like it there, and I am feeling better already after only a few weeks. I want to keep it up.

I have also bough a couple of new art materials. First a set of coloured pencils, and two drawing pens. The pencils are Van Gogh watercolour pencils, so let’s hope I will become just as good as he was. The pens are a pigma micron and a pitt artis pen, both black. Really nice to draw with, and I also love to write with them. And last but not least, a small sketchbook. It is purple with an elastic around it and cream-coloured paper inside. I did not know when I bought it, but it turned out to be a moleskine. I plan to uses this outside, and maybe I will even try to work my way through the EDM challenges list. Wouldn’t it be cool to have all the past challenges done? I will see how it goes, it is a nice idea.

Now I have to get back to work. Will be back soon.


My first post! July 31, 2006

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This is my first post to my all new blog. I found out about blogging since I joined the Every day matters group at yahoo. There I saw all the people that could share their work on the web.

I did not have a scanner, but now that I bought one this weekend I thought it would be nice to have a blog of my own. I did not even plan to buy a scanner, but it came with the printer I wanted. I hope having a blog will be a motivation for me to draw more, and I hope to learn by it.

my first drawing

 To go with my first post on my first blog, I have here my first drawing ever since primary school. I did it yesterday evening. Well, this will be enough firsts for just one day. I will be posting again very soon.